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For those who wish to enjoy Redberry Frozen Yogurt from the comfort of your home, we have made things absolutely easy. All it takes is a few minutes and a few clicks to get our scrumptious froyo delivered to your doorstep. 

Use the online ordering system available on this website to choose from a wide range of frozen yogurt flavors and toppings. You can add specific details about customizing the froyo as well. Place online orders and make digital payments within minutes. Satisfy your dessert cravings and enjoy great discounts as well.

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Only the finest ingredients go into the making of our frozen yogurt. The rich, smooth, and creamy texture make our froyo the perfect alternative to traditional ice cream. 


Redberry Frozen Yogurt is truly natural, cultured and fermented. With an abundance of beneficial live natural yogurt cultures, it helps in digestion and promotes good health.

Nourishing Nutrition

Redberry frozen yogurt is 100% yogurt and not just an ice cream mix sprinkled with cultures. It is low on fat, sodium and cholesterol content. So it is a healthy option for dessert. 

Frozen Yogurt For Healthy Sweet Cravings

Welcome To Redberry

Redberry Frozen Yogurt is the best destination to enjoy scrumptious, nutritious frozen yogurt dessert. Visit us to indulge in a delightful and nutritious finale to your meal.

Established in 2013 in New Jersey, the mission of Redberry Frozen Yogurt is to provide a healthier dessert alternative for people who treat desserts and nutrition alike.

Located at 7, Schalks Crossing Road, Suite 313, Plainsboro, our self-serve outlet attracts a steady flow of loyal patrons, especially children. Guests are empowered to customize their frozen yogurt by selecting from a variety of Redberry froyo flavors and an array of toppings, making each visit a sweet, unique and satisfying treat.

This place has helped many realize their dream and hope of cutting down on sugar while enjoying the richness of a dessert.





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